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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
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Contact Info

Richard Callas or Pete Figura
601 Locust Street
Redding, CA 96001

Pete Figura
(530) 225-3224

Richard Callas
(530) 340-5977

Fisher Translocation Project

The fisher (Martes pennanti) population in California is the largest in the Pacific States (Powell and Zielinski 1994). Fishers in northern California and southern Sierra Nevada are separated by a gap of approximately 270 miles. Historical trapping records and observation indicate that fishers occupied this gap (Grinnell et al. 1937). If true, fishers are absent (or extremely rare) from up to 43% of their historical range.

Concern about the status of the fisher in California fostered a cooperative venture among California Department of Fish & Wildlife, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Sierra Pacific Industries, and North Carolina State University to translocate fishers into a portion of their historical range in the northern Sierra Nevada.


Image:  Logos of the project collaborators